Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hi my name is Mary Claire Towns. I live 3 miles outside of  Palco Kansas. I live on a farm with 3 horses, 43 cows, 20 cats, 8 dogs, and a lot of chickens. I have 8 siblings Jacob is 22, Monica is 19 in college, Alex 17 is a senior in high school, Francis is 16 in high school, Madeline is 12 in 7th grade, Miriam is 10 in 5th grade, Thaddeus is 8 in  3th grade, Jesse is 2 years old   I'm a freshmen in high school at Palco. I played volleyball it was my first time playing volleyball and I was not that bad. My favorite sport is basketball I can't wait until basketball to start. Our first practice is the 16th in November. Then I might go out for track but I don't know. I am in of school actives in FFA. When I'm at home I help me mom with the kids I help her cook and clean the house. When I'm free I go and ride my horse her name is Lady she is a paint she has a couple of big white spots on her stomach. She is friendly but when I put that saddle on she will try to bite me. I also like to hangout with my friends like Jamie. She comes to my house and we will ride horses and talk about what are we going to be in our future. When Jamie cant hangout I will go to Hays and go hangout with some of my friend there we will go to the park and hangout or maybe go to there house. Over the summer my family and I love to go to rodeos. Now my brother and my sister is in the rodeo  we go to all the rodeos . My sister is the Triangle Rodeo Queen and my brother is a bull rider. I'm going to try out to be a queen for the rodeo. If  you wanna be a rodeo queen you have to be a speech, modeling, horsemanship, interview, and a test it hard put it really fun. The best part of the whole thing is the rodeo you get to meet people and you get to see cute bull rider and saddle bronc.
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